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2394 Padilla Bay Sunday

Padilla Bay Sunday was completed Friday and an image uploaded to my web-site.  Donna and I were taking a Sunday drive (We still do that) along the back road to Bellingham, Washington and stopped at Bayview State Park.  The tide was very low at the time and the water line maybe a hundred yards away.  Taking advantage of this opportunity to snag a meal were approximately 50 to 75 Great Blue Herons.  They were so far out that we originally mistook them for snags uncovered by the low tide.  We see a lot of Herons in this area but I’ve never seen this many at one time. My 300mm camera lens brought them into clear focus.

After photographing and sketching various angles I noticed that the Herons were closer – the tide was coming in.  With this memory, the following week I completed Padilla Bay Sunday.

To me the surging tide always has a surreal quality, which shows in the painting.

What’s Happening Here – First Post

I have been impressed by some artists who freely give tips and information regarding how they approach making Art.  I can think of no valid reason not to do this but many artists are very secretive about their process and what they are thinking.  I have been helped greatly by those more generous members of my profession and therefor will repay the debt in kind by writing this Blog describing my current works, problems, solutions, ups, and downs.  If you are an Artist, you will know what I’m talking about.

Today is Monday, April 17, 2012.  It is overcast and cool outside my studio here in the Pacific Northwest. 

I am working primarily in acrylics which have as many benefits over oil paints as they have negatives.  I do work in oils from time to time but since I like to work out of doors on site, I have found acrylics with their fast drying times to be more efficient and more versatile.

My current piece 2393 BLUFFS.  I title all my paintings and also add a serial number.  I enter each in an Microsoft Access data base which is indexed by the serial number.  A digital image of each piece is linked to the data base, along with key attributes (Size, support, medium, disposition, location).  This information helps me keep track of each piece.  I will discuss this data base more if there is interest.

2393 is sitting after a 2 hour work session waiting for me to resolve some of the problems that I see in it.  Feel free to comment via e-mail.