2394 Padilla Bay Sunday

Padilla Bay Sunday was completed Friday and an image uploaded to my web-site.  Donna and I were taking a Sunday drive (We still do that) along the back road to Bellingham, Washington and stopped at Bayview State Park.  The tide was very low at the time and the water line maybe a hundred yards away.  Taking advantage of this opportunity to snag a meal were approximately 50 to 75 Great Blue Herons.  They were so far out that we originally mistook them for snags uncovered by the low tide.  We see a lot of Herons in this area but I’ve never seen this many at one time. My 300mm camera lens brought them into clear focus.

After photographing and sketching various angles I noticed that the Herons were closer – the tide was coming in.  With this memory, the following week I completed Padilla Bay Sunday.

To me the surging tide always has a surreal quality, which shows in the painting.

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