Moments in Time

I read a recent article in PleinAir titled Painting Moments In Time by Kathleen Dunphy, the accomplished California landscape painter.  The point she made to me was that  everything is changing: No moment is ever the same as the last.  the light changes, the sea changes, the temperature becomes warmer or colder, people or animals suddenly impose themselves into your view the wind starts/stops blowing.  So to quote Ms. Dunphy:  “…to respond as creative artists, painters need to look more carefully at what exists at a moment in time and gauge how they feel and what they want to viewers of their paintings.” 

This is certainly sound advice for any artist and defines the largest (only?) obstacle to good art, that is; Looking carefully and acknowledging your emotional response and putting that into your artwork .

Such advice can be applied to more than just making art.  The same should be applied to everything in one’s life: Look closely at what and who is around you and how you react to them.  What is it you want to say to them?  How do you want them to respond to you?.  Each of them live in the moment and you may not get a second chance to view them.  Certainly never again in the same way.

So the question I pose to myself (and to you) is how does one stay aware of the moments in time and how does one best use them whether for painting or living one’s life?

Let’s give it a try.


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