New Artwork in Process

Whenever I set up a new canvas, I get excited about the possibilities – all that white space that I can fill with my ideas and talents.

Then there comes the sobering thought:  There’s all that white space to fill with my ideas and talents.  Are my ideas any good and do I have any talent?  I’m sure we’ve all felt that way about some endeavor or another. 

I’ve read somewhere that around 80% of successful people feel that they are not worthy of their success: That one day soon, they will be shown up for what they are, mediocre and will then fall back to that low level they really deserve.

I suspect that the reason they are and often remain successful, is that they continue doing whatever they do, as best they can do it, until such time they are “found out”.  Because they keep up this doing, they are never “found out!”.  So when you are feeling down about your talent and ability, This is normal for people with talent and ability, so just keep on working.

Successful people also found out that to become successful they have to do things, often over and over.  As Jack White stated in a recent article in Profession Artist, “You can’t learn to swim without getting wet.”

So I’m getting wet once more by sharing with you my latest start: Cameron Road Barn. 

 Cameron Road Barn Initial Layout  

This is the preliminary layout sketched on the canvas with a mixture of napthol Red and Ultra-marine Blue.

I am attracted to this scene by it’s inclusion of the Pacific Northwest skies (always beautiful), the Olympic Mountains, the waters of Puget Sound, the lushness of the grass and trees, and the stoic attitiude of that long standing barn in the distance.  You could say it has everything there is to have here in Washington.  Well, not quite.

Stick with me to see progr

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