My 2012 Road Trip

After a late start the 2012 road trip is finally underway. After a stop inthe California Sierras, I plan a slow drive up the Pacific Coast to observe, sketch and paint the Pacific Coast LIne.  All of this done to improve my painting and drawing skills.   Oh, yes!  To enjoy the heck out of it, too!

I got on the road a day later than planned and the first 5 hours were spent slogging down the I-5 “corridor” at a mind numbing 24 mph (Everett through Olympia).  After Olympia, traffic thinned and I made good time to my first destination: Sacramento Caifornia.

8/20/12 – Sunday.  I met up with an art school friend and fellow painter, Jim Lenarz.  We haven’t seen each other for about thirty years.  I found myself slipping back into the same old easy commraderie we enjoyed back then as we discussed his current show in a Racnho Cordova gallery. 

I also got to visit my mother-in-law who I haven’t seen in a few years along with Donna’s sister and her husband who graciously invited me to stay with them.

8/21/12 – Monday.  Packing up ready to drive to Yosemite’s Tioga Pass.  If I can find a camp spot, I will stay there until the weekend.

My new “Smart Phone has yet to successfully connect me to the internet, so I may be sporadically updating this blog from various hotspots along my path.  The term “Smart Phone” had to be coined with a big grin on someone’s face.  The GPS

Until the next connection (I’ll post pictures),



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