Road Trip 2012



August 20 – Monday  Got to Tioga Pass late today.  Learned a lesson:  Get to your chosen campground before it becomes dark.  My chosen campground was a
granite rock pile with some flat spots for camp sites and a winding foot path
they called the vehicle road.  Fearing I would run over someone’s tent in the dark, I opted to sleep in the Ten Lakes trail parking lot.  The next morning, I easily found a site in the now almost empty Porcupine Flat campground.   

Bob Wolters was right (again) – There is no cellular service up there.

I have pictures but cannot upload them on this slow connection!!  I will update the blog when I get to a faster connection.

August 21 – Tuesday – Hiked a ways down the Yosemite Creek Trail.  This trail starts at the Tioga Road and wonders some 11 miles down to the Yosemite Valley floor.  I have hiked this twice in the past and it is a spectacular hike for those who can do it.  Unfortunately I am not currently one of those so I hiked about ½ mile or so doing a lot of sketches.  None that I’m particularly proud of.  One should wait awhile before passing judgement on their own work, so I will wait until I’m back in the studio before making any good/bad decisions.

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