Bulk Posting due to unreliable internet connection.

28 August, 2012 – Tuesday

Drove up the coast to Russian Gulch State Park where I stopped for the night.  The place is really nice and I hope I can stay here through Labor Day, which will save me from hunting for a new camp site over the Labor Day weekend.  The  camp-ground is filling up even today.

The countryside inland from the coast highway has its own beauty and I believe there are a number of paintings in that, also.

29 August, 2012 – Wednesday

I hiked the trail around one of the headlands which provided a view of wonderful rock formations if not great surf.  There were some breakers, but I will need to extrapolate these to a larger size to make interesting paintings. This hike was a good mile but flat, although narrow and through some thorny defiles.  I beat the bushes with my walking stick, ever mindful of the coastal rattlesnake presence.

I went into Mendocino for groceries and propane for the camp stove.  Stopped at the Good Life Bakery and Café for coffee and a raspberry Danish: Very good, indeed.

I did about a dozen pencil sketches and the realized they needed to be “fixed” or they would be very smudged by the time I got home to Whidbey Island.  I asked about art supplies in Mendocino and was told that the only possibility was the Mendocino Art Center which is a member managed gallery and studio co-op.  They didn’t have a fixative but did have some really nice art work including the front door banner  which was painted by a local artist on heavy rip-stock. I will have to try this when back in the studio. Of course I could not resist buying one of the paintings by Karen Shearin at the Art Center.  I like to buy other artist’s work whenever possible, especially when, as in this case, it provides a impetus to experimentation and expansion of my own skills.

It turned out that there are no art supply stores in Mendocino, even though it has a thriving artist’s colony.  The next best thing (or the same thing at a lower price) was a can of unscented hair spray, which I purchase at the “We have everything” Mendocino grocery store.

I am treating myself – I bought an NY steak and will fry it with some potatoes and onions for dinner tonight!!

Tomorrow back out to the headlands with paint and easel.

August 30, 2012 Thursday No painting, today.  The coast in this area is totally fogged in today and the fog appears to be getting thicker as the day wears on.

I am posting this three day record in bulk because of the very unreliable internet signal here.  I am currently sitting in the Fort Bragg Starbucks, which always has useable Wi-Fi and internet access.

I am learning a lot about “roughing” it and technology.  One thing for sure, I will take a hard look at mobile hotspot connectiviity before I rely on it again.  Also, I’ve discovered my web-site host (ArtSpan) provides a less than stellar insert facility for this blog.  I can copy and paste text from a word document but any images contained in that document are not inserted.  This requires further examination.

With luck the sun will shine tomorrow.

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