Ranch ‘F’

I brought back a lot of material from my summer road trip and am now working my way through the photos, sketches, water colors, and memories. I was particularly taken by the other-wordly atmosphere I found at the Pt Reyes National Seashore and the alphabet named ranches found along the road out to the Pt Reyes lighthouse. Currently on my easel is the preliminary layout of Ranch ‘F’.

In general my process is to make on-site pencil or wash sketches, take photos (digital),  and look at the subject long enough to burn the feeling of the scene into my psyche.  Once back in the studio, I sift through the images (paper, computer, memory) looking for a ‘key’ to a painting that will resonate with my memory of the place.  I don’t always find the ‘key’ and sometimes I find it only after long hours or days of looking, painting stuff in and painting stuff out. (One of the advantages of acrylics is: Once dry it is easy to paint over and it dries quickly.)

Ranch “F” seems to be one of the “search for the key” paintings.  I know it is there: It is just a matter of finding it among all those stressed and wind-blown trees.  I usually start by putting too much in and now I’m trying to take things out to give me that windy day at Ranch ‘F’.

Ranch ‘F’ – trees on left painted out, trees on right strengthened


Stay posted.  We’ll see if
it’s found.







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