Last Light

I started Last Light today.  This is one of the pieces from my 2012 Road Trip.  I spent a number of hours at Olmsted Point watching the sunset on Tioga Pass.  I made a number of sketches and took a lot of photos to bring back to the studio for reference.  The following three images show my progress today. 

Shapes and underpainting 


First color values   


Second color layer  

Each color layer refines both the values and the shapes.  The apparent waves in the sky are an image aberation and do not appear in the painting. 

The sunlit faces are underpainted with a light blue and then brought up in value with a mixture of white, a touch of Cad Orange, and a trace of Ultramarine Blue.  The shadows are a mixture of White, Purple, Ultramarine Blue, Cad Orange, and Napthol Red.  The shadows are made to glow from reflected light by adding touches of the sunlit face color.

Stay tuned!

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