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Golden California

When I lived in California and was subject to the day after day clear blues sky and the 100 degree temperatures of the San Joaquin valley summers, I didn’t see the gold in those hills.  Living as I do now, in the Pacific Northwest, where blue sky is a real treat and 100 degrees is a very rare occurrence, I appreciate California more than I did back then.  I now can see the continual variation in the hills and the spectacular show put on by the setting sun.

During my drive down route 41, at the end of my week painting in Yosemite’s high country, I was fortunate to be able to watch the California light show as I drifted through the foothills above Fresno.  I did not take time to stop and capture the images with either brush or camera but the memory stuck.  This piece, available in my gallery and on ebay (, is one of the images from that trip.  A nice change from the mist and rain of winter, don’t you think?. 

Stay warm and safe,


New painting

I’ve posted the 3rd in the California Coast Series to my gallery.

This is the third in the series of Pacific Coast seascapes painted from my 2012 road trip up the pacific coast from San Francisco to Seattle.  I made many painting and sketching stops along the coast and could easily have painted there for years without repeating a scene.  This piece shows a locale near Russian Gulch.  I camped there for four days, the first two of which were warm and sunny.  Unfortunately, the last two were foggy and cold, although I will do at least one more painting from that time in the fog.

The item is available either here on my web-site or from an eBay auction at:

Watch for more work from this road trip.


The Studio

An artist’s studio should, in my opinion, be a happy place.  We spend a lot of time there, some of which is very frustrating and discouraging, and the place needs to be sympathetic to our individual personalities.  My wife frequently reads a magazine whose theme is artist’s studio’s.  It’s in the same vain as many home decorating magazines (House Beautiful is an example) only restricted to studios with lots of examples of artist working spaces.

As in the decorating magazines, the studios do not look “lived in.”  They are neat, orderly, brightly painted and seem to be extensions of the owner’s home décor:  Showcases of personal good taste and elegance.  To my way of thinking, which admittedly can be a little out of the norm, working studios should be far from those picture perfect magazine photos.  They are lived in, cursed, loved, messy, cluttered, and above all, should pose no restrictions on how they are used.  A clean, orderly studio seems, most often, a put up job.  So, with all those personal and yes, biased opinions, I present my studio:

The Studio

Misty Days

Misty days are here.  My studio windows face Holmes Harbor here on Whidbey Island.  Over the past four days, I’ve seen beautiful examples of Pacific Northwest mist.  From thin sunlight filtering through the thin shroud floating through the trees to thick impenetrable curtains hiding the view of anything further away than  a hundred feet or so.

To me the mist has always been a welcome visitor; a friendly something which softens the edges of the world and allows me to more fully appreciate my warm, dry studio and home.  To be sure, I will walk in the mist and my dogs will go with me.  I am one of those who might even take a drive in such weather but when I turn back to the house, we will all be glad with thoughts of hot coffee and the snack jar.

Looking Across Holmes Harboe

The mist, also provides a challenge to the painter in my soul and I have been compelled by the subtle but continual changes going on outside my windows to put aside, for the moment, my studio paintings of summer travels to try to capture those mysterious faces nature is presenting me. I am doing a series of color sketches from which base a larger format painting may evolve.

(Note:  I put a lot of my sketches as well as some of my larger pieces on e-bay.  This piece can be seen at  So if you are interested in acquiring any of these, please look for me there, too. Search for me as Gherry Taylor)

Stay safe and warm.


Happy New Year!!

January 6, 2013

I do not do New Year’s resolutions.  I do agonize over taking down the Christmas tree.  This has been so since my earliest memory.  The “Killing of Christmas” is the saddest day of the year for me.  So to lift some of the melancholy from the day I meandered into what I hoped were going to be more uplifting thoughts.  This is where I was led:

I have reason to believe that I will live to 90.  The reason’s, for my belief, are various and unimportant.  Of course, this estimate could be truncated by accident, fatal illness, or irritating my wife once too often, yet I believe, as long as I do not have to make the choice between food, shelter, and healthcare, I will make it. 

What is important is that this age involves living 32,850 days and the incredible number of these days that has already passed through my life is a little disconcerting.  I suddenly have this urge to warn my children to spend their remaining days wisely.  That’s what parents do: Warn their children to do the things they themselves will not do.

I won’t do that to my children.  Instead, I will leave them to do their own calculations and concentrate myself on spending, as best I can, the days remaining to me wisely and productively.  I hope each of you, in your own way, do the same.

I am glad each of you has touched my life and hope you will continue to do so until the last days run out.

Happy New Year!