The Studio

An artist’s studio should, in my opinion, be a happy place.  We spend a lot of time there, some of which is very frustrating and discouraging, and the place needs to be sympathetic to our individual personalities.  My wife frequently reads a magazine whose theme is artist’s studio’s.  It’s in the same vain as many home decorating magazines (House Beautiful is an example) only restricted to studios with lots of examples of artist working spaces.

As in the decorating magazines, the studios do not look “lived in.”  They are neat, orderly, brightly painted and seem to be extensions of the owner’s home décor:  Showcases of personal good taste and elegance.  To my way of thinking, which admittedly can be a little out of the norm, working studios should be far from those picture perfect magazine photos.  They are lived in, cursed, loved, messy, cluttered, and above all, should pose no restrictions on how they are used.  A clean, orderly studio seems, most often, a put up job.  So, with all those personal and yes, biased opinions, I present my studio:

The Studio

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