Golden California

When I lived in California and was subject to the day after day clear blues sky and the 100 degree temperatures of the San Joaquin valley summers, I didn’t see the gold in those hills.  Living as I do now, in the Pacific Northwest, where blue sky is a real treat and 100 degrees is a very rare occurrence, I appreciate California more than I did back then.  I now can see the continual variation in the hills and the spectacular show put on by the setting sun.

During my drive down route 41, at the end of my week painting in Yosemite’s high country, I was fortunate to be able to watch the California light show as I drifted through the foothills above Fresno.  I did not take time to stop and capture the images with either brush or camera but the memory stuck.  This piece, available in my gallery and on ebay (, is one of the images from that trip.  A nice change from the mist and rain of winter, don’t you think?. 

Stay warm and safe,


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