Monthly Archives: February 2013

Ideas sometimes need to incubate for awhile, maybe a long while.

Two years back while recovering from ankle replacement surgery and suffering Reference photo greatly from cabin fever, I was finally released to drive again but no walking.  Gladly I hobbled out to the car on any clear or even thinking about clear day to drive around our Whidbey Island looking for things to paint.  Since I couldn’t yet walk, I had to work mainly from the driver’s seat and I took this photo of Useless Bay.  You can see the windshield corner post in the lower left.


I liked something about the scene but wasn’t able to make it into anything I liked.  We have some speSK 2440ctacular cloud formations pass over Whidbey Island and I finally just realized that this was about clouds and what the light was doing to the clouds.   Cropping out most of the land mass allowed the focus to be the clouds without the distraction of all that negative space, yet the remaining negative space accenuate the light.

This is an 8 x 10 piece which looks good in a frame.   It can be purchased, including frame and shipping in the continental United States for $49.00 U.S.

Winter 2013

The winter weather, here on Whidbey Island, pretty much restricts me to studio work.  Rain, cold , and dampness does not go well with either acrylic painting or my sometimes raging arthritis.  Even our two German Shepherds, Maggie Mae and Leo, who normally live their lives in the orchard, prefer these days to be in the house.  In this quiet time there is a lot of work to do here in the studio.  I have no where nearly completed the ideas brought back from my summer road trip and even the gray shades of a Pacific Northwest Winter provide some interesting ideas.Half Dome from Olmsted Point

I have been working on a series of small format (8 x 10 and 9 x 12 inch) color sketches some of which I show here.  Although finished in their own right, many of these are the test platforms for larger pieces.  These are framed and ready to hang.  For those who love fine art but have budget concerns (don’t we all?), I’ve priced these at $49.00 including free shipping in the continental United States.  You can find them on my web-site ( )in the “Small Pieces gallery.

Summer will find me on the road again but this year I will be taking a number of Evening, Driving Down to Fresnoshorter runs primarily in Western Washington along the coast and through the San Juan Islands.  My old motor home purchased last year and currently undergoing some renovations will take part in these travels.  I was taken by its great windows from which it is possible to paint even when it is raining our doors.  I will return to California and Yosemite again soon, though, most likely in spring, 2014. 

I, as most artists do, study the work of many other working artists, past and Beach near Hanalei Baypresent.  The reasons for this are many but the primarily we do this as part of our training much like a writer learns to write by reading other writers and I am influenced heavily by a number of artists.  Recently I came across a DVD by David Dunlop in which he showed an interesting way of painting a landscape.  My wife, Donna, seeing my interest in this brought home a Bob Ross DVD for me to watch.  Now, I hardly paint like Bob Ross but after, shall I say maturing as an artist?, I find his methods create astounding results.  His intent, I believe, was to make us think painting was easy and perhaps for Bob it was.  Although his tools and colors seem to be the opposite of what most of us claim to use he still could create paintings that one had to admire.  I know I have learned things from his teaching.  I think it pays to keep an open mind and an open eye.

These paintings are also listed on e-Bay.  Search for Gherry Taylor to see my current listings.

The first hint of Spring 2013

Tree in negative spaceA scouting party, from Spring’s advancing legions, arrived at our house this morning, with blustery winds, rapidly changing skies, and that sharp clean smell in the air of good things and good times to come.  Everything seems to have come alive to embrace this new feeling:  Plump catkins suddenly adorn the nut trees, daffodils thrust themselves up from the soil, and the willows get ready to burst their little pussycat buds.  I am urged to wrap in a warm quilt and sit somewhere in the orchard just to savor this brief time.  I am sure my four dogs believe this a grand idea, also.

It is said we do not remember days, we only remember moments: Perhaps my first step outside this morning was one.