Ideas sometimes need to incubate for awhile, maybe a long while.

Two years back while recovering from ankle replacement surgery and suffering Reference photo greatly from cabin fever, I was finally released to drive again but no walking.  Gladly I hobbled out to the car on any clear or even thinking about clear day to drive around our Whidbey Island looking for things to paint.  Since I couldn’t yet walk, I had to work mainly from the driver’s seat and I took this photo of Useless Bay.  You can see the windshield corner post in the lower left.


I liked something about the scene but wasn’t able to make it into anything I liked.  We have some speSK 2440ctacular cloud formations pass over Whidbey Island and I finally just realized that this was about clouds and what the light was doing to the clouds.   Cropping out most of the land mass allowed the focus to be the clouds without the distraction of all that negative space, yet the remaining negative space accenuate the light.

This is an 8 x 10 piece which looks good in a frame.   It can be purchased, including frame and shipping in the continental United States for $49.00 U.S.

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