First Day of Autumn

Autumn was welcomed today by the season’s first significant storm.  With 35-40 mph winds and two inches of rain, it was mild compared to many parts of the world.  I’m sure people in Colorado would call our storm “Light Showers” but this is only the first of many interesting storms that will roll up and down the Pacific Coast over the next five months.

The rain and wind encouraged me to go search out some surf along Whidbey Island’s shoreline. So, with wife and two of our four dogs, we set off to look at our favorite spots.  Unfortunately the surf wasn’t “Up” but the day turned very pleasant with only a little rain and gentle winds.  We ended up at Deception Pass located at the very Northern tip of Whidbey Island where I did make some sketches of some great rock formations.  Two of them are shown here.  These will be the starting point of my next two or three paintings.


Although I am sad to see Summer go, the Autumn and Winter months, here in the Pacific Northwest offer opportunities of more studio time (Can’t use the excuse of too nice a day to stay in the studio) and to see a new set of colors and compositions.

I hope you like the sketches and I hope this finds you healthy, safe, and warm with a furry companion and a sweet significant other to keep you company.


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