Monthly Archives: April 2017

Freeland Park

Just finished a color sketch I started at our  Plein Air session this past Thursday.  This was done from the deck of Freeland Hall, a 100+ year old building which is used continuously for weddings and other large celebratory gatherings.  Our group, “Plein Air Painters of Whidbey Island,” have been graciously given the privilege of using the space in inclement weather, of which we have a lot of this time of year.

This piece is 8 x 10 inches done in acrylic on 140 pound Canson water color paper.  It will be on my web site should any one wish to hang it their office or home.

The group is hoping to finally paint outside, “en plein air” if you will, starting in May.  If you are a painter, consider joining us.  If you are an art lover, come out and talk to us: we love to talk.  Bring coffee and we’ll be your friends forever!  I will post the time and place in this blog and on my facebook page


Sun flowers

Competed a color sketch of sun flowers.  The look is more end of season than spring but I got going with the colors and l like the result.  I’m ready to live Summer but there is a special feel about autumn and approaching winter which I look forward to.  House warming fires in the wood stove, hot tea, and the holidays.

This is an 8 x 10 inch acrylic painted on 140 pound water color paper.