Thursday 18 May, 2017

I worked with the Whidbey Island Plein Air group at Keystone next to the ferry terminal. I completed two small (8 x10 inches) pieces using acrylic paint on paper.  When painting on paper, I often work acrylic much like water color as you can see in the attached pictures.  I like working in a tonal manner as I have with these two pieces.  Working this way, these in gray tones, often allows me to depict the emotional context of the scene.  The channel marker at the end of the jetty seems to be watching for incoming boats and ferries to guide them safely home and I have painted it many times from many different angles.

This location is one of my favorites for it’s memories of vacation trips with our children back in the 70’s.  A ferry ride was a great adventure for us and, if I am truthful, it still is.  For me there is something both melancholy and exciting about riding the ferries.  Perhaps it is about leaving something behind and also the anticipation of the destination.  My first ferry ride was in 1971, Mukilteo to Clinton, in the dead of night.  I rode the M.V. Rhododendron which had an open deck outside the passenger cabin.  I stood at the rail throughout the trip and as we headed toward the blackness of Whidbey Island I could see only a single light there.   It was an adventure into the unknown.

I will matte and frame these and post them on my web site:


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