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12 JULY, 2017

I’ve been working with water color for the past few weeks to determine if it is a viable plein air replacement for acrylic I normally use.  My problem with acrylic is the cleanup which must always be done thoroughly on-site. If left to dry on brushes they become chisels instead.

Water color, however, is tricky.  I am slowly learning how to manipulate it and use its best features.  The photos below are a few of my test pieces.  These are based based on work done at a friend’s place overlooking Holmes Harbor, Washington.  The weather was beautiful and I hope to go back for more.

2569-005 2569-0062569-007

As these were painted, a number of Eagles and Red Tail Hawks passed over. Unusual, I think, for the hawks to hang around in eagle country but there they were.

4 July, 2017 – Independence Day

A lot of noise out there tonight. Here’s hoping everyone wakes up tomorrow morning with a full complement of fingers and eyes.

Freeland, our local village, puts on a display on the night of the 3rd. They do this to avoid conflict with the numerous other displays on the 4th. Donna and I were fortunate to have been invited to a fireworks party by our friend Julia, who happens to live on the bluff above Holmes Harbor. The fireworks barge was anchored in Holmes Harbor just be low her property giving us front row seat. Thank you so much Julia. It was great.

Well, so far we’re still independent and the home of the free and brave. Happy Independence Day!!!