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9 August, 2017


I drove into Seattle, yesterday to check out the Daniel Smith art supply store.  It is located in the South Seattle industrial and shipping terminal district with good parking, friendly and helpful staff, and relatively easy access from I-5 or I-90.  The store seemed a little cluttered but that made it interesting as I stumbled on various items.  It compares with the Dick Blick store up on Broadway well enough, although Blick’s prices are a little lower.

As I cruised through the huge variety of art material on hand, I realized how easy it is to get distracted from actually making art.  I found myself gathering stuff based on , “Wow, that’s interesting! I wonder how that will work?” all the while running up my supply bill.  This chasing the new shiny object can cause me and probably you, to be distracted from making your art.  When you are working in-the-groove, you will notice that there is usually a very small “go-to” set of supplies that is the basis of 80% of your art.

It is good to add  new things (brushes, paper, pigments, etc.) from time to time but if much of what you are using is new to you, you may be doing too much experimenting and not enough serious art making.  So be careful when shopping for art materials: It is an addiction.  Focus, focus, focus.

Just a thought and a word of caution.


2569- 016  View up Holmes Harbor  Water Color 8 x 10 inches.

7 August, 2017

I went to the “Forgery” show at the Froggwell Institute here on Whidbey Island.  There were some very nice pieces in this show including one by my fellow artist Dan Burroughs.  My favorites were the Emily Carr pieces.  Just beautiful.

I also went to the Artists of South Whidbey show held at the Whidbey Island Center for the Arts.  As was expected, the show was a mixed bag with some very good pieces in it. My family agreed that the best of show was Deon Matzen’s “Diamond T” painting.  This is an outstanding piece.

As I’ve mentioned, I am working with water color at present and becoming more enthused as my technical skill develops.  Water color presents exciting characteristics which constantly jump out at me as intentional accidents.  The piece below is one I finished today.2569-018