4 September, 2017

It has been very warm this past week with more on the way.  Of course our 80-90 degree weather is cold to our friends in California, Arizona, Nevada, and other hot spots which are “enjoying temperatures in the 110+ range.  Yet for us it is edging up past the comfortable zone but…….. but the evenings are splendid.  I have not ever spent as much time out on our deck after sun down than I have this summer.  Light a few candles, a margarita and you are close to paradise.

Haven’t posted for a while, but I have been working.  Spent yesterday late afternoon and early evening at the Langley Marina sketching and taking reference photos.  Just beautiful as you can see by this photo:


Langley Marina 3 September 2017 7:00 p.m.

I also completed a number of water colors (One shown here of the Olympic Mountains as seen from our deck)  This one will be available for sale on my website.

I am still withholding judgement on water color.  Although I am rapidly gaining knowledge of it’s characteristics, I still feel somewhat limited as compared to acrylic pigments.  Water color is easier to deal with in the field for plein air stuff, though.  I am going back to the marina this evening to paint some water color pieces directly.

Olympic Mountains – 2 September, 2017

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