21 September, 2017

Spots of rain and cooler weather as we head into Autumn, tomorrow.  I completed two more water colors shown here.  The first is a beautiful old Locust tree on the corner of St. Huberts parking lot in Langley.  The second is a view through the trees along the path to the beach in Fort Ebey State Park.  I have to confess this second piece is not quite finished: I have yet to paint the remaining 4722 branches that stick out of 7 or 8 Douglas Fir trees.  Well maybe I exaggerate but it seems not by much.


There are so many beautiful spots here on Whidbey Island, that I will never come close to capturing nor even finding them all.  With the passing of Summer my excursions will change some but even the Winter weather here is full of mystery and beauty and I will continue to be out and about looking for the next painting.

I wanted, lest you have forgotten, that these paintings are for sale on my web-site.  The prices listed there include framing and shipping within the continental United States.

May the Autumnal Equinox be kind to you.

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